Guest Registration

We are excited to have you attend T-Camp 2017 as a guest of Aggie Transition Camps. Please complete the following form as prompted. If you have any questions, please direct them to


Thanks & Gig 'em,


Director Staff 2017

Please remember that EACH person must fill out the registration form completely. (Ex. If your partner will be attending with you, they must complete the form separately.)

Basic Information
Name you would like displayed on your nametag.
Contact Information
Health and Emergency Information
Please identify if you have dietary restrictions, including, but not limited to, food allergies (even if listed above in allergies), religious observances, cultural requirements, etc.
Additional Information
What is the date and time that you anticipate arriving at Trinity Pines for your camp visit?
If you are guest who has been invited to give a presentation or speech, you must submit an outline of your presentation or speech to the ATC advisor by August 1, 2015. If the outline is not submitted on time, you will not be able to visit camp. NOTE: This does not apply to campus resource presenters.
The following information is not applicable for any guests under the age of 18 or campus resource presenters. Texas state law (SB 1414) requires anyone who attends our camp program and has the potential to have one-on-one time with minor campers, to complete a required child protection training course. In addition, Texas A&M also mandates a background check for these individuals. Based on your role at camp, there may be a chance that you will spend one-on-one time with campers who are minors. Therefore, you are required to complete the training course and background check. This includes those currently employed at Texas A&M. We appreciate your assistance in helping us comply with these mandates. Checking this box confirms you are aware of these requirements and you understand that if you arrive at Trinity Pines with either of these items incomplete, you will be immediately asked to leave and will not be allowed to return.