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Please feel free to contact our office at:

Phone: (979) 862-1785

Fax: (979) 847-8854  ATTN: Sarah Edwards

Mailing Address (All Financial Material):

TAMU SOFC 125 Koldus Building

Mail Stop 1236 Slot #710

College Station, TX 77843-1236

If you have any specific questions,

you are invited to email the appropriate member of Director Staff:

Executive Director -Parkers Evans

Director of Administration & Risk Management -Alex Bregenzer

Director of Staff Development -Katelyn Ledbetter

 Director of Public Relations -Rachel Nicoletti 

Director of Logistics & Operations - James O'Connell

Director of Finance -Bethany Todaro 

Director of Events and Fundraising- MaryGrace Montagna

Please allow 1-2 business days for a response to e-mails and phone calls

The Aggie Transition Camps (Howdy Camp and Transfer Camp) Office is located

in the Department of Student Activities, Koldus Building, Room 133.